Machine Learning: The Future of Healthcare

Totalmente de acuerdo. El crecimiento ya está siendo exponencial y, por ende, la salud lo refleja como tal.

Harvard Science Review

By: Puneet Gupta

The U.S. healthcare system is a mess. Both the system’s infrastructure, such as the role of insurance companies, and its clinical aspects, such as how care is provided, are lacking in multiple ways. Though improvements in the infrastructure are necessary, this article will primarily discuss and suggest changes to the clinical side of the healthcare system. A new movement to bring about change in private practices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities revolves around one new innovative field of science and technology: machine learning (ML).

An Overview

Machine learning, in simple terms, focuses on developing algorithms and software based off of the machine’s past experiences. A program capable of machine learning is able to perform a certain task or improve how it performs a task through previous runs and without any additional changes in the software. In the fewest terms, machine learning is the extraction of knowledge from…

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